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Welcome to the firm page of Canales & Simonson. For decades, Canales & Simonson, P.C., has been a law firm for multi-district and complex litigation. They are a small firm that focuses on cases that need aggressive representation and will likely need to be litigated. If you have a complicated, challenging lawsuit on your hands, call the law office of Canales & Simonson, P.C., to consult with a knowledgeable, experienced trial lawyer.


Canales and Simonson’s lawyers handle complex litigation cases that involve:

There are many talented Texas litigators who are quite adept at motion practice, interrogatories, and settlement negotiations. Canales & Simonson, P.C., is capable of these aspects of practice; however, their focus is on the trial itself. Many litigators, experienced as they may be, rarely see the inside of a courtroom. At Canales & Simonson, P.C., appearing in court is the lawyers’ sole focus. They can settle if necessary, but most of their referrals come from lawyers who know that their cases are going to trial. Over the years, Canales & Simonson, P.C., has built a reputation for effectiveness at jury selection (voir dire), cross examination, and opening and closing arguments.


There is a large volume of paperwork associated with complex litigation. Discovery can sometimes last for several months. Canales & Simonson, P.C., has the capability to handle discovery in house. They have their own support staff, storage space, and facilities to process documents. Because they do everything on site, you do not have outsourced coders looking at the evidence–the lawyers are always available to examine the evidence as well.

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